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Gondogoro - Trip Plan


Trekking is intended for all people who have mountain experience and average physical fitness ...


For safety reasons, it is very important for us to know about chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, epilepsy or others if they occur in any of the participants of the trip.

Day 1. Transfer from the airport to the hotel, afternoon visit to Islamabad: Faisal Mosque, Marghala Hills, dinner at Des Perdes, Monal or Aylanto

Day 2. Transfer from Islamabad to Naran (accommodation)

Day 3. Transfer From Naran to Skardu, rest in Skardu, afternoon tour of Fort Kharpocho, Katpana Lake and Sadpara Lake

Day 4. Rest day in Skardu, visiting Katchura Lake – Shangrila Resort

Day 5. Transfer from Skardu to Jhola (3159 m. a.s.l.) - 19 km (accomodation in tents)

Day 6. Trekking Jhola to Paju (3383 m. a.s.l.) – 22 km (accomodation in tents)

Day 7. Rest day in Paju

Day 8. Trekking from Paju to Khobursy (3730 m. a.s.l.) through the Baltoro Glacier - 18 km (accomodation in tents)

Day 9. Trekking from Khobursy to Urdukaz (4160 m. a.s.l.) through the Baltoro Glacier – 9 km - (accommodation in tents)

Day 10. Trekking from Urdukaz to Goro II (4275 m. a.s.l.) through the Baltoro Glacier - 14 km - (accommodation in tents)

Day 11. Trekking from Goro II to Concordia (4,600 m a.s.l.), the place where Baltoro Glacier meet Godwin Austen Glacier and Gondogoro Glacier. where you can admire: , (8,611 m),  (8,080 m.), Broad Peak (8,047 m.), Gasherbrum II (8,035 m.), Gasherbrum III (7,946 m.), Gasherbrum IV (7.932 m.), Masherbrum (K1) (7.821 m.), Chogolisa (7.665 m.), Muztagh Tower, (7 273 m.), Snow Dome (7.160 m.), Biarchedi (6.781 m), Mitre Peak (6.010 m.) – 14 km (accommodation in tents)

Day 12. Acclimatization day in Concordia. Local exploration (accommodation in tents)

Day 13. Trekking from Concordia (4600 m above sea level) to K2 Base Camp (5 150 m a.s.l.) and return to Broad Peak Base Camp (~ 4 850 m above sea level) - 18 km (accommodation in tents)

Day 14. Trekking from Broad Peak Base Camp to Concordia - (accommodation in tents)

Day 15. Trekking from Concordia to Gasherbrum II Base Camp (5100 m above sea level)

Gasherbrum II is located on the Gilgit - Baltistan border in Pakistan and Xinjiang in China. The Baltoro Glacier forms at the foot of this mountain range. At a height of 8,034 meters above sea level is the third highest member of the Gasherbrum group, after Gasherbrum I (8080 m a.s.l.) and Broad Peak (8051 m a.s.l.). Gasherbrum III is sometimes considered the sub-peak of Gasherbrum II as the height difference between the two is only 461 meters.

Day 16. Trekking from Concordia (4,600 m a.s.l.) to Ali Camp (4 800 m a.s.l) – 12 km (accommodation in tents)

Day 17. Trekking from Ali Camp to Khuspang Camp crossing Gondogoro Pass (5 800 m. a.s.l.) 5 km, 8 hrs - (accommodation in tents)

!!! This part of trekking starts at midnight. Gondogoro Pass is great a place to admire four peaks over 8,000 m high: K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II

Day 18. Trekking from Khushpang Camp to Shaicho (3 150 m. a.s.l.)

Day 19. Trekking from Shaicho to Hushe and transfer from Hushe to Skardu by jeep - accomodation in hotel

Day 20. Transfer from Skardu to Naran by car through the Deosai Plateau (the second highest after the Tibetan Plateau)

Day 21. Transfer from Naran to Islamabad

Day 22. Rest day in Islamabad, preparation for the trip

Day 23. Islamabad: transfer to the airport before departure and end of travel.