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Whatever you do, do it with full commitment, with all your heart, at 100% ...

This is important to us. That's what we're holding on. If we do something, it is in this way ...

toyota.jpg (148 KB)We know how many people love traveling and love the mountains. We know how many people want to learn about new places, face their own weaknesses, fulfill their dreams ... That's why Mountain Challenger Expedition Trek and Tours was created. We want to enable you to make your dreams come true, help you reach places that are a challenge for you. We want to show you real life in the places we invite you to. We want to refute stereotypes. We want to welcome you with hospitality and warmth. We want you to feel safe with us

my razem.jpg (484 KB)It is not important for us where you are from, it does not matter how old you are ... It is important that you want to see with us our beloved mountains, our beloved places. That you want to know the culture and history of these places. That you want to have your opinion. That you want to take up the challenge and face it. We invite you to Pakistan with us.


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