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Amazing Pakistan

Amazing Pakistan

IMG_20180719_183854 — kopia.jpg (138 KB) Pakistan is unknown to many people, it seems unbelievable that here the history goes back to the time of the Egyptian pyramids, that it can be touched, brushed against the beginnings of civilization. But these are the facts.

IMG_20180726_155301.jpg (243 KB) We invite you to meet with amazing places in Pakistan. Unique on a global scale. Places inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will discover with us the contrasts of old cities and modern metropolises, You will see old forts and temples, you will learn about places where they protected themselves from the heat of the 9th century British and visit the oldest juniper forest in the world. We will show you rich museum collections and rock carvings from 5,000 years ago ... We will show you amazing Pakistan.

IMG_20180718_132116.jpg (238 KB) During the planned trip, we offer you a tour of many famous places throughout Pakistan. We will show you Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi. You will see the place where the Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindu Kush meet, you will admire mountain poanoramas and fabulous gardens. You will discover the Gilgit garrison city, the magnificent Buddhist stupas in Saidu Sharif and the ruins of a Buddhist monastery in Takht-i-Bahi. We will take you with us to the city that saw the marches of Alexander, Ghaznavid, Ghaur and Mughal armies ... You will touch distant prehistory by visiting Taxila with its megalithic caves, the Neolithic cemetery, the ancient Buddhist center, and the Muslim mosque and medresa ... We will show you treasures of architecture and Islamic art in Lahore, the former capital of the Mughal empire. With us you will admire Multan, its gates, the Shah Rukne Alam Mausoleum (one of the greatest saints in the Sufi Islamic tradition), the Hindu temple, the Shahi Eid Gah Mosque which is decorated with elaborate and intricate frescoes from the Mughal period and many other tourist attractions including Sufi temples . You'll see original bazaars with handicrafts and spices ... We'll also visit Bahawalpur with its fort in the heart of the desert, palaces and magnificent tombs. We will see the ancient Mohenjo Daro, the cradle of civilization, one of the most important and still the most mysterious cities for the ancient Indus culture, equal to the age of Egyptian culture. We will jointly admire the excavations in Amri and the fort in Ranikot with the largest area in the world, whose defensive walls are compared to the Chinese Wall ... These are not all the attractions that we want to show you. After visiting the wonderful Shah Jahan mosque in Thatta, on the way to Karachi we will see the largest necropolis in the world in Makla. After a day in Karachi where you can meet the largest and most modern city of Pakistan you will be able to say that you got to know Pakistan a bit ...

Pakistan is amazing. He defies stereotypical opinions. It's mysterious, it doesn't impose itself. It offers a wealth of tradition and culture affecting the entire Indian subcontinent, of which it is a part but in a subdued and refined way. Great dynasties derived from here do not overwhelm, history can be touched and magnificent landscapes enhance the sense of freedom.

This trip, like other trekking in Pakistan, has one more great advantage, it allows you to commune with the natural beauty of nature, with adventure. It differs from events organized in commercial places, where only the known name of the place counts, and the number of tourists staying in them at the same time prevents a real "survival" of these places ...

Therefore, if you want to experience ADVENTURES, if you want to get to know the REAL culture and tradition, if you want to experience the nature minimally changed by man - we invite you to Pakistan with us

Price per person (30-day trip): 2900 USD

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