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In this tab, we provide answers to frequently asked questions.

We hope that they will dispel many doubts and will make it easier for you to make a decision about choosing Mountain Challenger for mountain trips and exploring Pakistan.

1. Why do we not provide specific dates of departures?

Mountain Challenger organizes trips according to your needs. That is why we agree specific routes and dates directly with you. We want them to be tailored to your expectations.

2. Why we do not provide prices on our website?

The prices of trips that we offer you are calculated individually for each inquiry about a trip. They depend, inter alia, on the size of the group, the expected standard of hotels or additional services, for example, more or less places visited than described in the basic travel programs. Therefore, they are different for different groups. For example, the price of a trip for people who, in addition to the standard program offer, want to visit more places or want to spend more time in the mountains, or expect luxurious conditions in a hotel, the price of the trip will be different than for a group that wants to follow our basic program of the trip. All prices are calculated responsibly, so that they are attractive to you, but at the same time provide appropriate conditions for the performance of our services.

3. Is it possible to organize a trip that differs from the suggestions on our website?

Yes of course. We place only part of the proposals on the website that we can implement. If you want to go with us to other places, if you want to rock climbing, if you want to climb other peaks or explore other valleys, if you are interested in mountain forts or other tourist attractions, ask us about such a trip. If it is safe, we will organize a trip for you. We will not only take you to places that are not recommended for tourists for any reason. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority.

4. What is the easiest way to contact us?

The easiest way to ask for trips is by e-mail. If you have any questions, we will answer you directly by e-mail.

5. How to arrange travel formalities?

All you need to do is send us a request for departure. We will send you the trip program and price calculation by e-mail. After approval, we will send you the documents needed for your trip, e.g. a contract and necessary consents and declarations, and we will help you in obtaining a visa, if necessary.

6. What is our mountain experience and with whom do we cooperate?

We both have over a dozen years of experience in practical work in the mountains. Both experience as a guide and in organizing trekking and mountain trips. We only work with people we trust and who have extensive mountain experience. Our guides and porters are experienced and responsible. We care about the high level of our services and we make every effort to ensure that our clients feel safe with us from the moment of their arrival at the airport until their departure after the event.