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Charity Action for Children from Arando

Charity Action for Children from Arando


We are working together from 2021:

20220716_150549.jpg (208 KB) The action that we organize every year in December began with a visit to Pakistan of one of our friends - Michał Figurski, a motorcycle and off-road fan. When he got to know the hospitality and kindness of Pakistanis and when he saw how difficult conditions they live in and how much effort and at what cost children gain education, he proposed to create a charity event from which ALL INCOME is donated to support the education of these children. Since the beginning of our mission, we have not only provided you with calendars, but with your support - dreams, smiles and hope for the children of Arando. As the project developed, we saw how education transformed the lives of these children, opening new horizons for them.

Calendar - Key to the Future:

Our calendars not only decorate the walls of your apartments and houses, but also open the door to education for children from Arando. 20220716_152206.jpg (287 KB) Each  purchase is a step towards fulfilling your dreams, each unique calendar is a piece of goodness that helps create a path to knowledge and development.

Buy our Calendar - Together We Create a Chance for Children's Education!

20220716_152402.jpg (233 KB) In the heart of the remote mountain village of Arando in Pakistan, hope blooms, and we, Mountain Challenger, want to nurture and develop it together with you. From 2021, we continue our mission, bringing joy and the possibility of a better start in life to the hearts of these extraordinary children. Today we invite you to jointly build a chance for a better tomorrow through our calendar campaign.

How Can You Contribute to Our Mission?

  • Order a Unique Calendar:
    Write to us and order a calendar that will not only beautify your year, but will contribute to changing the lives of children from Arando.  20220716_155024.jpg (308 KB) Our  calendars are unique. Printed in very good quality, in a small edition - only for participants of the Calendar Campaign. Every year we publish original photos showing extraordinary Pakistan.
  • Share The Story:
    Share our campaign with your loved ones and friends so that we can reach more hearts. Your share is a ray of light that illuminates the path to support.
  • Donate More, We Will Change More:
    Currently, the price of the calendar is PLN 50, but each additional zloty is like another drop that creates waves of support for children from Arando.

Our Story Still Goes On:

  • If you haven't had a chance to take part in our campaign yet, join it. 
  • If you are already one of People with Heart - stay with us longer

 20220716_155258 (1).jpg (300 KB)

Thank you for being part of our history. Together we create not only calendars, but also a path to dreams. Together we give the children of 20220716_162806.jpg (363 KB) Arando the key to a better future. The support we receive from you truly changes the world!

I join the campaign and order a calendar



#Let'sGiveThemA Chance



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